Our mission:

Is to offer highly individualised and effective private treatments in physiotherapy in a relaxed, no rush and no stress environment.

The clinic offers an interesting alternative to bigger, more conventional clinics:

  • Your physiotherapy treatment as a private patient is one hour long which gives to the therapist more than enough time to address all your needs;
  • Your physiotherapist is with you the whole time because he takes only one patient per hour;
  • Your treatment takes place in a private room without other patients being present;
  • All this in a relaxed and friendly environment to ensure that your visit to the clinic is a highly effective and positive experience;

Do not hesitate to come and see us if you:

  • suffer from muscular or joint pains;
  • want to treat you sports injuries;
  • are looking for exercise programs or need advice on your training;
  • need to do rehabilitation after a surgery or an injury;
  • were injured at work or in a car accident;

Come see what a difference physiotherapy can make for you !

Our clinic: